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Where Design Meets Ecology

You may have seen us use the hashtag #WhereDesignMeetsEcology recently on our social media posts. We’d like to take a moment to explain what exactly we mean, what sets us apart, and why you should care.

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Don’t Miss Bulb Season! GJL’s Guide to Designing with Spring Bulbs

For most of our readers, November probably conjures up images of warm-toned foliage, leaves scattering to the ground, dark evenings and the first biting temperatures. As your resident Landscape Ecologist, I’m here to remind you that November means spring color!
It’s Bulb Season People!
Bulbs are a fabulous plant group because of their beautiful early-spring flower blooms (before most plants even have foliage!) and relative low maintenance. They are a must for a landscape with four-season interest!
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Fall Observations from a Landscape Ecologist

Fall comes to our landscapes. The leaves gently falling, soft rain, clean and sweet aromas of soil, crisp cool nights and bright clear daylight. Our landscapes recover and regenerate.

After the heat and humidity of summer things change. The days shorten, nights cool, rain comes... we hope...! Plants naturally conserve their resources, already planning ahead to the next growing season.
A time for rest and recharging spent energy.
Instead of energy going into producing leaves, flowers, and fruit, root development dominates.

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Indicator Species: Monarchs

The Monarch butterfly may be North America’s most prized insect. Orange wings with black veins like stained glass and white dots highlighting the edges make the Monarch strikingly beautiful and recognizable by all. I remember learning about Monarchs back in elementary school, when I first learned how caterpillars metamorphasize into butterflies. Aside from their esteemed beauty, Monarchs (Danaus plexippus) have an immense ecological value as well: they are considered indicator species.

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