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Storm Water Lab: Porous Pave vs. Asphalt

In a world of aslphalt and concrete...not all hardsape is created equal! Water is a PRECIOUS resource. We are fortunate in the Northeast to have an abudnace of fresh water. However, traditional city storm water management systems pipe away storm water instead of allowing it to infiltrate into the aquifers. This Porous Pave system replaced four layers of asphalt driveway at this Rye residence, and now allows for 100% storm water infiltration. (Asphalt is 0% permeable, by contrast).

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Where Design Meets Ecology

You may have seen us use the hashtag #WhereDesignMeetsEcology recently on our social media posts. We’d like to take a moment to explain what exactly we mean, what sets us apart, and why you should care.

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Do you love your landscape? - Westchester County

Your landscape is alive, growing, changing and evolving. Treat the body and soul of your landscape with love and care and your rewards will be bountiful! Consisting of three stages; Design & development (including proposals, budgets and estimates), Construction & installation and finally, Ongoing management & maintenance.

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