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Large Eastern White Pine Tree Planting in Mamaroneck, NY

Trees add so much value to our landscapes. They provide habitat, secrete carbon, manage storm water, and (especially in this case) provide valuable viewshed interest. Watch the Green Jay Crew plant a 10' Eastern White Pine in Mamaroneck, NY.

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Coastal Groove Living: Poolscape Renovation in Mamaroneck

Sometimes you walk onto a property and wonder how it possibly came to be designed, built and maintained to its current state. That was the case at this property in Mamaroneck, which had a picket fence encircling the small pool area, disrupting sight views from the house and all other areas of the backyard. Instead of seeing the calming, serene pool, your eye was immediately drawn to the pickets! The space felt unnecessarily small and contained, and circulation from the covered pavilion area to the pool area was completely disrupted. Not to mention, every corner of the yard was flanked by a shed. Why so many sheds?! We were hired by the new homeowners for a complete Landscape Master Plan and installation.

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Bird & Butterfly Garden Sanctuary in Croton-On-Hudson

When we first visited this Croton-on-Hudson property, we noticed the unique existing architectural features, including a wooden bridge from the deck to back lawn and a beautifully curving, stacked stonewall that enclosed the rear perimeter. The rest of the backyard, though, left much to be desired. One narrow garden bed in front of the deck cut off the rest of the yard visually, and a lack of garden paths further inhibited access.

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Plant Bulbs this November for Unparalleled Spring Color

Picture this: it's mid-february; you forget what it's like to not be cold, grey and wintery-mixing as you slog through another eternal winter in the suburbs. But then! For a few hours a day the temperature rises, melts some snow and thaws the Earth just enough for the first delightful sprigs of green to pop through -- the first of the spring bulbs!!

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Pond Restoration & Native Bog Garden in White Plains

This adorable property features a stream babbling through the backyard. At one point, probably in the 1930s, a concrete dam was poured to create a “natural” swimming pond that until now, held up fairly well, but had recently begun leaking in several spots. Given the woodland setting, the pond had also accumulated quite a bit of debris from surrounding trees, which clouded the water and depth of the pond. The clients wished to restore the pond as much as possible to its swimming pond function.

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