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Large Eastern White Pine Tree Planting in Mamaroneck, NY

Trees add so much value to our landscapes. They provide habitat, secrete carbon, manage storm water, and (especially in this case) provide valuable viewshed interest. Watch the Green Jay Crew plant a 10' Eastern White Pine in Mamaroneck, NY.

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Plant Bulbs this November for Unparalleled Spring Color

Picture this: it's mid-february; you forget what it's like to not be cold, grey and wintery-mixing as you slog through another eternal winter in the suburbs. But then! For a few hours a day the temperature rises, melts some snow and thaws the Earth just enough for the first delightful sprigs of green to pop through -- the first of the spring bulbs!!

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2018 Eco-Resolutions Part 3: Reduce Your Lawn Area, Boost Biodiversity

As landscape professionals, we can confidently say the #1 landscape trend in America is… LAWN! Nearly every residential and commercial landscape in America contains lawn. The ubiquitous turf knits together houses and neighborhoods in a bizarre dynamic of unification and cut-throat competition (whose yard most resembles a golf course?!)

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Eco-Friendly Gardening and Property Maintenance - Katonah NY

Incorporating a variety of plants here in Westchester County can increase bio-diversity, which can reduce pest populations by biologically selecting beneficial insects who will act as predators on harmful pests, or balance the populations, thus reducing damage.

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