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Storm Water Lab: Porous Pave vs. Asphalt

In a world of aslphalt and concrete...not all hardsape is created equal! Water is a PRECIOUS resource. We are fortunate in the Northeast to have an abudnace of fresh water. However, traditional city storm water management systems pipe away storm water instead of allowing it to infiltrate into the aquifers. This Porous Pave system replaced four layers of asphalt driveway at this Rye residence, and now allows for 100% storm water infiltration. (Asphalt is 0% permeable, by contrast).

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Pond Restoration & Native Bog Garden in White Plains

This adorable property features a stream babbling through the backyard. At one point, probably in the 1930s, a concrete dam was poured to create a “natural” swimming pond that until now, held up fairly well, but had recently begun leaking in several spots. Given the woodland setting, the pond had also accumulated quite a bit of debris from surrounding trees, which clouded the water and depth of the pond. The clients wished to restore the pond as much as possible to its swimming pond function.

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Landscaping a Slope - Turning a Grading and Drainage Problem into an Erosion Proof Composition - Westchester County

This project is a perfect example. On a moderate slope the obvious solution to beautification while controlling and stabilizing soil etc. would be terracing or retaining. In form this suggests a linear construction of retaining walls etc. How boring… been there… done that! Instead we start by amending the soil along the lines of structural soil...

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