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Storm Water Lab: Porous Pave vs. Asphalt

In a world of aslphalt and concrete...not all hardsape is created equal! Water is a PRECIOUS resource. We are fortunate in the Northeast to have an abudnace of fresh water. However, traditional city storm water management systems pipe away storm water instead of allowing it to infiltrate into the aquifers. This Porous Pave system replaced four layers of asphalt driveway at this Rye residence, and now allows for 100% storm water infiltration. (Asphalt is 0% permeable, by contrast).

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2018 Eco-Resolutions Part 1: Rain Gardens for Storm Water Management

It is no surprise that population growth and the associated development of once rural lands are impacting our environment. How and where we build matters. This year, Houston suffered the worst flooding in history, in part from record rainfalls from Hurricane Harvey, but also from urban sprawl, weak zoning regulations, and a disjointed storm water management strategy that failed to absorb some of storm surge.

Impervious surfaces are those that do not allow water to infiltrate into the soils (asphalt, concrete, roofs, etc); rather, they increase the flow rate of storm water by two to three times compared to vegetated areas.

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Wetland Landscaping Ideas - Westchester, Putnam and Fairfield Counties

If you have a wetland area on your property, you have been given a rare opportunity to help preserve and protect a unique environmental zone. Due to it's interconnection with other wetland area near you, how you proceed could have far reaching effects on the plant, animal and human life in your neighborhood.

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