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Background: Coursework at Rutgers University Cook College/Center for Urban Ecology and the New York Botanical Garden School of Landscape Design. Teaches ecological restoration at the New York Botanical Garden. Has designed ponds, waterfalls, meadows, streams, pools, rain gardens, and earth ponds, as well as other unusual landscapes for his clients, like fire pits, even faux streams (a river bed with boulders and gravel that has water only when it rains).

Design Philosophy: “We would like to see landscapes be much more environmentally friendly. We use native plants whenever possible.”

Signature Look: “We do what's appropriate in the space. Not everybody needs a waterfall. Recently, we've been using misting systems to create mist and fog gardens. They're also used to cool patios, or to create effects for children’s play gardens. And we're using gem quality stones in pools, like amethyst geodes, as part of the water features."

Pet Peeve: “Cheap, sloppy, shoddy masonry. In most cases, natural rock works just fine. People build these stonewalls and patios, and there are poorly fitted joints. It's awful.”

Special Focus: Archer frequently works for the county and is often called upon by clients to deal with their drainage problems and design backyards that can handle both our climate’s droughts and downpours. “There are areas that don’t want to be lawns,” he says. “English gardens really don’t do well in Northern Westchester without extreme care.”

Fees: Ground maintenance service is $40/hour; design services range from $1,800 to $10,000; construction projects range from $10,000 to $1,000,000.

Contact: Jay Archer, President - 914-560-6570

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Our landscapes generate a positive energy on the environment as well as our clients well-being. By eliminating toxic pesticides and reducing negative human impact wherever possible, we have constructed many innovative approaches to land management in-conjunction with design development to conserve, preserve and protect our precious natural resources. Learn More >

Service Areas:
New York (Westchester County and Putnam County)
Connecticut (Fairfield County)

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