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Landscape Design

The art and science of landscape design and development should be like a musical composition, a symphony of sight, sound, taste and touch. Good design is not priceless. There is a real and tangible value attached and derived from creating or improving a landscape to fulfill your desire and satisfy your personal wants and needs. Bad design is priceless. There is either no perceived value or a negative result and effect. Life is precious and all too short.

Why not enjoy every aspect of your living environment by making your home or office landscape beautiful and healthy. Exceptional design is developed specifically to cater to the style, culture and taste of the human being who inhabits the landscape environment. Let us build it for health, happiness and beauty with Landscapes for Better Living.

Landscape Design Options and Styles

Garden Art

The addition of hand picked sculpture or garden pieces can add an exquisitely personal touch of taste to your unique landscape

Seasonal Color (Flowers for any Season)

Brighten up your day with a beautiful floral arrangement located either by your front door, back patio or garden bed. These plants contribute a long lasting cheerfulness that can add a calming serenity to your home or office. We can do it all; from tropical foliage and enormous flowers of every color combination to multicolored evergreens for winter long interest. Be happy! Enjoy every minute of your landscape and your life.

  • Landscape Design: Consultation, Development and Master Plans Read More

    Design Concept

    • Drawing, Sketches, Graphics and Imaging
    • Photos and Plant Libraries
    • Design Charrettes, Planting Plans

    Site Analysis

    • Surveying, Measurements, Property and Site Evaluations
    • Presentations including Detailed Proposals and Estimates
    • Infrastructure and Architectural Features and Elements
    • Letters of Intent, Contracts

    Construction and Installation

    • Specifications for Construction (Schedules and Phasing)
    • Permits and Facilitation, Community Presentations for Design Boards
    • Horticultural Reports, Site Development (Protection, Stabilization, and Planting)

Our landscapes generate a positive energy on the environment as well as our clients well-being. By eliminating toxic pesticides and reducing negative human impact wherever possible, we have constructed many innovative approaches to land management in-conjunction with design development to conserve, preserve and protect our precious natural resources. Learn More >

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