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Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Light up your life!

Expand your nighttime enjoyment. Illuminate and enhance your wonderful landscape at night. Outdoor Landscape lighting is desirable and helpful for the comfort, safety, security, entertainment and enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. It can also help to increase the value of your property while, at the same time, helping to increase your appreciation of the surrounding landscape from within your home.

For most applications, low voltage lighting systems will generally be used. The primary advantage of these systems is safety. For example, if a wire is exposed or cut there is no risk of electrocution. The downside is loss of signal strength over the length of wire. Sometimes high voltage systems may be needed. They may be more practical or more cost effective dependent on circumstances. When it comes to outdoor lighting, less is more! The most tasteful and effective lighting follows a simple principle. We should see the illumination, the light, and not the fixture. Elegant artistic fixtures add character to the landscape. In most settings and applications, we prefer not to see the source of the light. However, the luminescent value should not be so great as to blind or stress your vision. That can detract from the experience. Subtle is good, but design is everything. We offer free nighttime demonstrations, so you can see how fabulous night lighting can be.

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    Outdoor Lighting Services

    • Low Voltage and High Voltage Systems
    • Fully Automated Control
    • Halogen and LED Bulbs
    • Timers, Dimmers, Motion Detectors, On/Off Switches

    Outdoor Lighting Ideas

    • Moon-Lighting a Driveway from the Trees.
    • Up-Lighting or Grazing Stonework
    • Back-Lighting Ornamental Trees
    • Shimmering Water at Night
    • Dark Sky Lighting (Lighting the Ground)
    • Illuminating Paths and Patios

    Extend your enjoyment of your home and landscape by illuminating the beautiful landscape. By adding lighting, you can add safety and security to your home while increasing your appreciation for the landscape throughout the seasons. Steps such as up-lighting a specimen tree, grassing a stone wall and moonlighting a walk/patio are excellent ways to improve your overall landscape impression. Any landscape feature can be enhanced by the addition of tasteful lighting. Contact today for a free demo! (914-560-6570) [email protected]

Our landscapes generate a positive energy on the environment as well as our clients well-being. By eliminating toxic pesticides and reducing negative human impact wherever possible, we have constructed many innovative approaches to land management in-conjunction with design development to conserve, preserve and protect our precious natural resources. Learn More >

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