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Water Management

Water is one of the essential elements necessary for life. We are blessed by (and take for granted) the abundance of pure and clean water in our local environment. In fact, much of this precious resource is either lost to run-off or contaminated by pollutants. As the global climate shift begins to pose challenges to our resource management, we should seize it as an opportunity to develop exceptional models of sustainability to optimize our environmental stewardship. As with all else related to landscaping, the most important consideration must be design. Considerations for water use must be examined, evaluated and budgeted for in all developmental landscape plans and strategies. Factors can range from the selection of hardscape features and plant material to the existence of impervious space and sun/shade conditions. The designer must weigh the role and potential of harvesting rainwater versus conventional drainage and the practicality of using active and passive systems of irrigation. If a site has surface water (sheet flow) drainage issues, then there is also a possibility to utilize, infiltrate and capture this clean water for plant use. Excess water not managed can also lead to health and safety issues such as mold and an increased chance of mosquitoes spreading the West Nile Virus.

Storm-water, Drainage Systems and Erosion Control

Conservation of this precious natural resources starts with accounting for storm-water. We design landscapes for aesthetic charm and beauty, but also to functionally and efficiently utilize all available resources. Actions such as simple tree planting or creating land forms and topography which integrate Earth materials into berms and beds will increase infiltration onsite. The goal is to recharge the subsurface aquifer before runoff offsite becomes contaminated and polluted by contact with roadway surfaces, gas and oil. We also use simple protection methods offsite during our construction and bio-engineering practices (such as stream bank stabilization, to improve and maintain water quality). We work on projects which require and/or utilize principles and practices of LID (Low Impact Development) and SSI (Sustainable Site Initiative). We very often reference the

NY State DEC Green Building Manual

Some erosion control methods we use at Green Jay Landscaping include the implementation of silt; the construction of erosion fencing, mats and netting; and the use of Filtrex socks and tubes, coir fiber logs and hydro-seeding. We use these alongside the most advanced techniques and products to protect your property against storm-water, erosion and loss.

Our drainage systems are creatively designed beyond conventional practices. In addition to installing piping, catch basins, storm drainage, and culverts, we improve soil retention and infiltration. This can be achieved by amending the habitat with natural Earth products, such as sand, gypsum and compost.

Water Management Services

Water Features

Waterscapes and water gardens can bring your landscape to life. Water is not simply an essential element for life on Earth, it is also a dynamic healing force of nature. The sight and sound of water is both stimulating and soothing. At Green Jay Landscaping, we have designed many extraordinary landscapes, which feature running water. This may be a stream or brook emptying into a garden pond or it can be a natural Earth pond containing a waterfall or fountain. It can also be something as simple as a shallow bird bath to attract wildlife. We create natural swimming ponds and pools as a wonderful alternative to chlorine pools. There is an astounding variety of water garden plants (both tropical and hardy) which can add fabulous diversity of color, texture and flowering sequence to your property. Water gardening is an art. It is also an opportunity to energize negative or neutral space, or to provide an auditory screen from a busy street. The possibilities are endless!

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    Often, there is no overall cohesive water management plan. This is usually evidenced by the lack of communication and cooperation between different contractors. For example, often a landscape architect's design plans will incorporate planting and hardscaping without accounting for maintenance requirements or costs. This can be followed by low-bid contractors installing such hardscapes without consideration of water management. In this case, an irrigation contractor will now have to install an expensive system. After landscape construction, and at the behest of the general contractor, this may or may not be ripped up and replaced by and even more expensive and conventional drainage system in order to evacuate excess water which could be compromising the project.

    You don't need a crystal ball to avoid this (although it might help), you just need a well thought out plan. The best way to create a fabulous landscape with the minimum amount of surprises is with a well developed plan, foresight, a budget, a schedule and excellent communication and commitment between the designer, contractors and the client. Start today, and let us help build the land and waterscape of your dreams.

Our landscapes generate a positive energy on the environment as well as our clients well-being. By eliminating toxic pesticides and reducing negative human impact wherever possible, we have constructed many innovative approaches to land management in-conjunction with design development to conserve, preserve and protect our precious natural resources. Learn More >

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